Want to Buy Vincent Coffee?

Buy Vincent a Coffee!

Ah, the buy Vincent a coffee page… The totally no obligation, feel good helping someone else out page. The make dreams come true… Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic.

If you feel like I deserve a pat on the back then you can show your support by sending me some coffee money. I often find myself in a Starbucks or a Coffee Bean when I’m writing, so it seems appropriate.

You won’t get any magical, exclusive content for donating. If you want to buy me a coffee then it’s because you feel like I deserve it.  The best I can do is send you my sincere thanks (and perhaps a picture of me smiling with a drink in hand that I bought using your donation.)

Here are some things I’d probably use the money on if you decide to donate:

  • Drinks at Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and any other coffee shops I frequent. These coffee shops are where I get my best work done!
  • Pay for web hosting and other Self Stairway expenses. Current monthly expenses (not counting coffee): $20/month on web hosting, $5/month for my @selfstairway.com email address,) $2/month on RSS Feedblitz, and $50/month on aWeber, my email list provider.
  • Food. What can I say? I’m a skinny guy.

Anyway, I’d just like to let you know the option is there to donate any amount you’d like.

Buy Vincent a Coffee!

Thank you so much for reading and for supporting my writing! You’re greatly appreciated. 🙂