How to Write a Guest Post for Self Stairway

Note: I am no longer taking guest posts.

Thank you for showing interest in writing for Self Stairway! I really appreciate it and I hope that means you enjoy the content here and want to contribute with your own writing.

Before you decide to email me about your idea, please read through the entire page. You will need to strictly follow the guidelines or your contribution will not be published.

I do have to make a lot of judgments when I am reading your article so do not feel discouraged if you are turned down. I reply to every email so if you do not receive a reply within a week, please send me another email to make sure I received it. With that being said, let’s begin.

Why Contribute to Self Stairway?

  1. Exposure. This website gets thousands of visitors from search engines alone, averages 30,000 visitors monthly, and carries hundreds of subscribers that receive updates the moment a new article goes live. Your writing will be publicized and shared through Self Stairway’s Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ account and your name will be credited in the actual article.
  2. Your name. Just like I mentioned in the exposure, your name will be credited in the article in two ways. Other than the main home page of Self Stairway, the actual article itself will display your name alongside the date as well as at the end of the article where I will include a brief bio. I will allow you to include up to two links in your bio that link back to your website.
  3. Update your bio. If you have already written for me and would like me to update your bio with some changes then shoot me a quick email. I will quickly update it for you.
  4. Interaction. You are going to receive comments from like-minded people who want to better themselves. You’ll be able to engage with people who enjoy your writing and want to leave feedback for the work that you contribute to Self Stairway.

Writing Guidelines for Contributors

  1. Original content. The guest post you contribute to me must have never been published anywhere else (including your own site) and will only remain on Self Stairway. By submitting a piece to me, you must agree to have never had sent it elsewhere and you will never do so in the future. You may, however, link back to your article on Self Stairway by properly crediting it and providing an actual link back to my page.
  2. Offer a personal story. You may notice that the majority of the articles on Self Stairway has either an anecdote or some sort of personal experience. This is a great way to open up the article and really make it personal. Having a personal story that ties into a lesson will greatly improve your chances of being accepted.
  3. Don’t self-promote. Please do not leave any links in the article. I will allow up to two links back to your website, social media network, etc. in the bio at the end of the article. I will be linking back to articles already on Self Stairway within your website when it is relevant to do so, but please do not include any outside links.
  4. Mind length. Although I don’t really want to set a limit or anything on guest posts, this will give you something to work with. Although exceptions can be made, try to keep the article within 500-1500 words. Anything shorter than 500 may be too short, but if you are close to 500 and feel it works well with less words then I will give it a read. Anything over 1500 is discouraged, but won’t eliminate you from being published. Please don’t let the word limit take away from your story and lessons. If you feel more words and expanding can add value then you can use more than 1500.

Notes and How to Submit

  1. Editing. Don’t be offended, but I may make minor changes to your piece. It will never be anything major that will impact your voice or overall message, but there may be something small I will change such as the format, title, or grammar.
  2. Comments. If your article is published, I will email you with a date of when to expect for it to go live. I do expect you to reply to all comments that are left for your article and keep up with it on occasion as time passes.
  3. Send as a Microsoft Word document. Don’t worry about the HTML markups or anything because I will take care of that. Just send it over as a normal word document. Feel free to bold words or format the way you’d like, but it may be subject to change.
  4. Upload a photo on (for your photo to appear in the bio.) This isn’t really necessary, but if you do want your face to be shown in the article’s bio then you will need to register on gravatar, upload the photo of choice (your actual face please,) and use the same email address that you use to email me.
  5. Email. Once you have read everything on this page and have followed every guideline down to the last letter, email me at vincentnguyen (AT)
  6. Write “Submission” in the subject title. Please include the word “Submission” somewhere in the subject along with the title of your piece. Remember that I may change the title of the article if needed.

Thanks again for your interest in writing a guest post you’re willing to contribute to Self Stairway. Follow all the guidelines and you can expect to receive a reply very soon!