Should We Go Out?

The Guys

Alright, had to get the whole “show a picture of yourself having fun to prove you have a life” thing out of the way. You see those three? They’re some of my best friends. Aren’t we just racially diverse as hell? From left to right: classic white dude, token black guy, Jewishly Jewish Jew, and the guy who’s probably really good at math (me!)

I could probably bore you with all the standard small talk stuff that anyone else would start with right off the bat. What do I like to do? I like traveling, eating food, going on adventures, and playing sports just like what everybody else always says on their dating profile.

Yep, I do like all of that, but let’s get real here. We’re trying to figure out if you and I would have a fun first date.

So here are some things you should know about me:

Headshot of me!1) I’m a 22 year old dude who loves craft beer, tennis, and the company of good friends. Will pick hanging out at a small kickback surrounded by awesome people vs. partying in Old Town/Mill any day of the week.

2) I’ve been running a small business for almost two years now and usually hop around different cities every now and then, though Tempe is looking more and more permanent. I travel and disappear pretty often (often months at a time), but I always find my way back to Arizona.

3) If I had to describe myself in five words… bad at following directions.

4) I’m probably the Chandler Bing of the group.

Signs we’d get along really well:

1) You’re self-aware and personal development focused. You love life and you’re someone who brings energy and excitement to other people. None of us are perfect, but I do find it irresistible when someone knows how to look inside of themselves and strive for constant improvement.

2) You have your own group of friends and your own life. Basically, you’re independent and happy enough to enjoy life with or without a significant other (but you know being with the right person can add to your already amazing life).

3) You love watching tv shows / Netflix. Bonus points if you can quote Spongebob episodes from your childhood like it’s nobody’s business and feel no shame while doing so. If you’re cool with not having to go out and partying every weekend, even better!

4) I debated between putting this point here or not, but I am looking for something serious. If you are too, great! Let’s just see what happens.

Pretty good starting point and I don’t want to dump my life story on you here. It’d be a lot more fun if we learned about each other in person.

If you think we’d have a great first date then shoot me an email at datevince [at] selfstairway [dot] com) and we can chat for a bit (please include your Facebook too).

No pressure, just say hi and introduce yourself. If we’re ready to take it to the next level, we’ll move over to Facebook chat (oh shit!) and eventually we’ll go on that date.