Vincent Nguyen’s Purpose and Bio

Who’s This Vincent Nguyen Guy?

Vincent Nguyen

Hi! I’m Vincent Nguyen, author of Self Stairway. That’s me on the right. 

I’ve written for several popular personal development blogs such as Tiny Buddha, Marc and Angel Hack Life, Dumb Little Man, Addicted2Success, Primer Magazine, and more.

This website has content without the sugarcoating.

No beating around the bush. No telling you to “just be optimistic.” Only practicality, truth, and a swift ass-kicking to motivate you.

I used to be awkward, risk-averse, unconfident, and unhappy. There’s still a bit of those four left but my progress is clear. There’s a huge difference between who I was and who I am now.

Through conscious self-reflection and the fact that I used to walk in those shoes, I understand the barriers. I remember what used to run through my mind and I take that all into consideration each time I sit down and write.

My articles are all inspired by life experiences analyzed to its core. Nothing on this site is written through theory or maybes and I always provide actionable and practical steps you can take through calls-to-action.

If I don’t do that then you’re at least left with something to think about. This isn’t my personal journal where I dump my personal nonsense on you.

If you want some of my writing in book form then you can download my free eBook below. It took me several months of writing, editing, and designing but it’s all yours:

The Compact Guide to Charisma, Confidence, and Being Well-Liked


Sounds Awesome, But Tell Me About Vincent Nguyen!

Some call me an urban legend. Others call me an efficient machine. I call myself a juggler who loves helping people change their lives. I’ve got my hands in tons of different things, but I treat this website like a full-time job. Right now, I’m a college student (taking 26 credits!) while simultaneously working for multiple companies.

As of September 23, 2013: Ignore that striked out part above. Exactly 8 months after starting Self Stairway, I dropped out of college after landing my dream job with Empire Flippers (now as their Marketing Director!)

Vincent Nguyen - Empire Flippers' Marketing Director

Some background: I was born and raised in Southern California, then moved to Arizona sometime in July 2012. Me leaving left the state of California devastated at such a tragic loss, however, Arizona was filled with rejoice at my arrival. There are legends still told to this day on how the cacti sang songs of praise the moment I stepped upon the desert sand. Now there is rain where only droughts were known.

I spent a year in Asia and figuring out where to go from there. Back to the US for several months before going back to Asia to visit more countries? Maybe!

You can contact me directly here: vincentnguyen [at] selfstairway [dot] com

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In the meantime, here’s a photo of me attempting to pull off the Pride Rock look:

Vincent Nguyen on Pride Rock

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