Why It’s GREAT That It’s “All About Who You Know”


Why It’s GREAT That It’s “All About Who You Know”

Have you ever complained that life’s not fair because success is all about who you know?

You hear this all the time. A frustrated person, tired of striking out, throws their hands up in frustration and blames their current status on their lack of a network or for not being born into a well-connected family.

So they look at people like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, or even someone they overheard in a restaurant and tell themselves that the reason those people were able to accomplish something was because of the people they knew.

These people are half-right.

Your friends and your social circles play a vital role in accomplishing your big picture goals. Not only do they provide a support system to keep you afloat when you’re going through a rough patch, but they introduce you to opportunities that expand your viewpoint, allowing you to cut through the bullshit and hit your targets.

THANK GOD it’s all about who you know.

You can always build relationships with people who can get you to the next level. It’s not outside of your control and is something you can directly influence with intent.

Some people are born with connections and “high-caliber” friends. They’ve got a head start over you and me. Who cares?

Plenty of people are born with no significant advantages and build relationships in their teen years, 20’s, 30’s and so on. Hell, some have way more obstacles to deal with just to get to the starting line compared to where you and I may have started.

The fact that it’s all about the people you know should make you feel relieved and motivated. You have the power to find these people. To surround yourself with them so you can look around the room and say, “I’m the dumbest person here. I have a lot to learn!”

Imagine if success was all about how tall you were. I’d be screwed.

But since it’s all about who you know, I’ve been meeting people from all over the world doing incredible things.

I’ve had conversations in coffee shops and restaurants with people who have literally changed the way I viewed the world, all because they said something that clicked with me in that very moment.

I’ve built a business as a result of a conversation I had in San Diego.

My younger days provided no signs that I would be enjoying the company of entrepreneurs. It happened because making it a reality was in my control, so I took control of the wheel and steered the car to where I wanted to go.

So don’t complain about how it’s unfair that you weren’t born into royalty. Do something productive.

Thank goodness it’s all about who you know.

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Vincent Nguyen is the author of Self Stairway and founder of Growth Ninja, a digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook Ads. Voted "Most Guapo" five years in a row (lost during 6th year to a hand model.)

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8 responses to Why It’s GREAT That It’s “All About Who You Know”

  1. I used to think this a lot. That guy has it made because he knows X, Y and Z. Mostly they were just silly excuses. No matter who you know, life isn’t going to get THAT much easier.

    The perfect (recent) example is Tim Ferriss. He seemingly knows everyone and everyone definitely knows him. Yet he had a lot of trouble with the 4-Hour Chef, got boycotted and so on. Skip a few years and he had the same thing with his TV series, the Tim Ferriss Experiment – canceled for over a year with nothing the could do, in spite of his massive circle and A-list contacts..

    • To add onto your point, Tim Ferriss had to work his ass off to get into a position where he “knows everyone”. He more than likely did not start off with all those people in his phonebook. It was in his power to get to that place and he did it. Very admirable.

  2. Very good points. I would likely be struggling if it wasn’t for the relationships i’ve built over the years. Reaching out, teaching, and learning have been core to my business.

    • Same! The majority of my current clients are either people who already knew me or were introduced by a referral. I’d be struggling and nowhere near as profitable if I had just opened my eyes one morning and decided to run a business without all the heavy lifting that came prior.

  3. I think with the internet, there really is no excuse. I’ve met amazing people online who have really inspired me and taught me many things. Some have even become friends that I talk to from time to time. Yes, face to face is usually better, but there are other benefits and opportunities available to us when we look online. Things that we would not otherwise have with the people currently around us. Both are good.

    Nice one, I liked this article!

  4. Oh, yes, thanks God.
    I’m short too, ha, ha.

    I have forged a connection with the top non-fiction Kindle indie author in the world.
    I’ve been on the phone with a millionaire.
    On Wednesday I have a Skype call scheduled with a guy who made $35k a month for the first time.
    In two weeks I’m going for a meetup with online entrepreneurs.

    Not one of above sentences was true 2 years ago.

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