Quick Reminder: Be Present (A Lesson I’m Re-Learning)


Quick Reminder: Be Present (A Lesson I’m Re-Learning)

I can’t tell you exactly when it happened but I’ve lost my sense of mindfulness.

Maybe I’m reflecting on my own life with rose-tinted glasses but I could swear I used to be better at staying in the present, not letting what’s ahead scare me or distract me from what’s going on now.

Lately though, I find my mind wandering even when I’m in the middle of something I really enjoy. Worrying about many things completely outside of my control, even.

This makes everything more stressful and all the fun I’m supposed to be having becomes less enjoyable.

While on vacation in Colorado this week, I had such great company and so many amazing conversations were happening all around me but I couldn’t stay present. My mind kept wandering off to places it didn’t need to be. So my usual talkative self became a dude just spectating silently, turning his head towards whoever was the speaker without contributing anything to the conversation.

And as I sit here and reflect upon the amazing week I’ve had both in Colorado and the days after, I can’t help but wonder why I’m not as present as I used to be.

Today, though, something changed. It’s coming back. The mindfulness, the taking in the moment, and really enjoying it while it’s here.

All it took was a trusted friend who I really look up to to remind me that mindfulness existed. Seriously.

As cheesy and lacking of practical advice I have for you today, I just wanted to give you a quick and brief reminder to stay present. Hoping I give you what my friend gave me with a few simple sentences.

The bullshit you have to deal with later should be dealt with later. Deal with it when you can.

But now, this moment here, should be enjoyed. Don’t let the overthinker in you get away with its cruel antics.

How do you stay present?

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Vincent Nguyen is the author of Self Stairway and founder of Growth Ninja, a digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook Ads. Voted "Most Guapo" five years in a row (lost during 6th year to a hand model.)

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12 responses to Quick Reminder: Be Present (A Lesson I’m Re-Learning)

  1. I think that everybody has similar experiences. We re thinking about future, and future is freaking scary. My way to overcome negative thinking: remembering that I ll naver be as young as I am now and I should enjoy every minute of my life, do exactly what I feel like at the moment and be bold! 😉

  2. I actually have a difficult time staying present when thinking about things that are out of my control.

    Assumptions, worries, imaginations, anxieties, nightmares… which can be worse than what I think they are, but reality might be worse than my worst assumptions and nightmares. That keeps me up at night.

    I don’t know how to be present. My emotions take over and camp in my brain like a parasite, and override any efforts to forget it and stay present. It’s easier said than done.

    • I usually ask myself “How often do I get to do (whatever I’m currently doing?)” when I catch myself thinking about other things. I promise myself I can overthink all I want when I’m at home and have nothing to do. For now, enjoy the presence of my friends, family, or whoever I’m with.

      Leave the overthinking at home. For now, enjoy what’s happening around you.

  3. You will return to this lesson over and over again throughout your life. Don’t fret. It’s natural to take in the sights and pleasures of each plateau as you rise up the mountain. There is something inside us, I believe this is part of what makes us human, that gives us this uneasy feeling. The need to take action. The need to dream. The need to reflect. And then, in a moment of mindfulness, of quiet and stillness, a new idea is born. A new challenge to plunge into with renewed purpose. Such is our lives.

    For an interesting free course (without certification) check out:


  4. This is exactly why I’ve been trying my hardest to regularly practice mindful meditation lately – and let me tell you, it’s hard! Harder than you would ever imagine. I mean, how difficult can just sitting there thinking about nothing be? For some reason it takes every ounce of my will to get myself to do it, and even more to keep me mindful and prevent my mind from wandering.

    I’m hoping it will get easier with time.

  5. You’re telling me this little runt makes millions of dollars and gets to travel the world all because of this stupid blog!!??

    • Hey Lucas,

      I wanted to clarify a few things.

      This “little runt” doesn’t make millions of dollars.

      It also doesn’t take millions of dollars to travel the world (I still managed to travel back when I was making only $1K/mo. USD. Traveling isn’t as expensive as most people think).

      This “stupid blog” happens to be what taught me vital skills such as SEO, writing, and how to connect to influencers.

      All those skills led to my dream job which allowed me to live a flexible location independent lifestyle.

      That dream job taught me even more skills and introduced me to people who I’ve only heard of and read about.

      My experiences and the connections I’ve made led to me starting my own business 11 and a half months ago.

      That business is what allows me to live a comfier lifestyle today while giving me the opportunity to travel whenever I want.

      I know what you’re thinking. I got lucky. This “stupid blog” allows a “little runt” like me to skip out on all the hard work you’ve put in making sure there’s food on your table.

      What gives me the right?

      Well, I’d say I earned it. It certainly wasn’t as easy as starting a website then suddenly having money in my bank account. January 2015, I had a little over $1K in my bank account. February 2015, I had less than $1K.

      But things are much better now. Why? Because I put in hard work too and what I can enjoy today is the results of laboring for years, carefully planning with foresight and proactivity.

  6. Hi Vincent, I like your post. It is true that we should learn to practice mindfulness to savor the joy that the present moment has. Thanks for sharing.

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