Here Is Exactly Where You Belong


Here is Exactly Where You Belong

Back in high school, our AP European History teacher spent an entire unit teaching us about The Beatles.

We learned their entire history, from before they became the well-known Fab Four all the way to their breakup and beyond. We listened to every song, watched every movie, and even finished a few documentaries for good measure.

I remember thinking, “Wow, I wish I was alive during that era.”

But that wasn’t the only generation I dreamt of.

Being a fan of coffee shops, I’ve caught myself on several occasions thinking about how the great writers of the 20’s got together in intellectual salons, socializing, drinking together, and writing together. Then I’d daydream and wish I were right there with them.

Looking for the Golden Age

At one point in my life, I had thought that surely the 50’s was the Golden Age because of the music I had learned to love.

In another, I told myself that surely the 20’s was the Golden Age because of the talent like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and other writers of that era.

The funny thing is, people of the 50’s probably thought the previous generations were the best time to have lived and they were probably unhappy with the period they were in. The same goes for the 20’s and all other so-called golden ages. They probably kept dreaming further back towards Socrates and beyond.

You’ve probably heard at least a hand full of people say something like, “What’s wrong with this generation? Back in my day…” It’s the same idea.

Everyone believes life used to be better and that they’ve got the raw end of the deal.

Sadly, the present gets neglected.

Sometimes I still catch myself thinking about how good it must have been in another time, but then I look around and remember the present’s not so bad. We’ve got advanced medicine, technology, and the ability to do just about anything.

Want great music? You can hop on YouTube or Spotify and get access whenever you want. You don’t have to buy a record or fly thousands of miles for a Beatles concert.

Want to work alongside like-minded individuals? There are co-working spaces, online communities, and meetups. You don’t have to be a part of Gertrude Stein’s salon.

So if you find yourself wishing you were elsewhere, just look around a bit. There are plenty of things today to romanticize. You don’t need to time-travel to be happy.

Years from now, people will look back on us as being their golden age.

Today is exactly where you should be. Make the best of it.

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17 responses to Here Is Exactly Where You Belong

  1. what of this day and age could be just as magical as any other. Who’s to say a group as powerful as the Beatles isn’t practicing in a garage right now. People who say the best was in the past are poor encouragers of new potentials who could literally rock our future.

  2. Have you been watching Midnight in Paris Vincent?

    You are right that every generation has its own issues and the golden generation is whichever one you are currently in. People in America sometimes glamorize the fifties as a place with better morals and values, but they forget the hatred towards african americans, gays and other communities. All we can do is try to focus on the present.

  3. I agree to a point.
    I will say I really loved growing up
    in the 50’s and 60’s

    • I’m sure you did and I’m sure I would have too! But… people who didn’t grow up in their ideal time periods shouldn’t fret. When and where we grew up shaped us to be who we are today after all.

  4. My husband died almost a year ago and my son and I lost our home in the aftermath. Although I avoided it, I finally relented and moved us into my elderly parents’ home. My income from our former business wasn’t steady, and I rationalized the decision with economic reasons. I also told myself I was helping my parents clean up and organize their house (in order for us to live there). Particularly now, I am feeling terribly inadequate as an adult and as a parent. In fact, I have never felt that my parents were proud of me. They would never turn me away, but they never voice any genuine feeling about anything I do. I have heard the word “whatever” uttered so many times. I truly hate it. I feel this house is a sea of negativity. I hear my parents’ comments about all of us siblings all the time… they think we don’t hear them. I do, and I feel very much “in the way.” I have moments when I come up with great sounding plans, but the ideas are short-lived. I seem to need more from them. They say love us and care about us, but I hear empty words. I try to tell myself I need to be here because God wants me to understand and get past this, but I am becoming paralyzed by my sadness and feeling of inadequacy. I can’t seem to stay positive and focused long enough, although I want to jump start a new life for myself and my son, as well as come to terms with my parents. I am afraid to make decisions or invest in myself, although it makes sense that now is the time to do it. I know it will get better, but I’ve slipped into the quicksand of sadness again. I want to get out permanently.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your loss and current situation.

      It’s clear that you have to get out of that house but I understand it may not be easy, whether it’s financial reasons or personal. The only thing you can do is work towards getting yourself into a position where you can leave.

      Hang in there. Like you said, it will get better.

  5. JC, Go to a physician immediately and ask to be treated.

  6. Now is the only time that exists so I give it my full attention. Of course with careful reflection on mistakes made in the past and the motivation of goals for the future. Live long and prosper. Now is the best of times, it is the worst of times. Adjust your perspective to see what you will.

  7. Vincent, great words there! They say if you’re under 40, there’s a statistically higher chance that we haven’t yet seen our favourite movie, had our best kiss, met the most interesting stranger or laughed the loudest. With that to look forward to – each day takes on a whole new meaning. Where we are right now, is the exact moment we will experienced these life changing moments.

  8. Just a guess Vincent – Have you read “A Movable Feast” by Hemingway? It’s his great first-person account of this group of the trials and tribulations of this terrific group of writers living in Paris during the 1920’s. If you haven’t had a chance, check it out – It’s featured as one of my “must read” books. Check it out here and let me know what you think. :
    P.S. As you can tell by this list, I LOVE Hemingway!

  9. Love this!

  10. “Today is exactly where you should be. Make the best of it.”

    I’ll incorporate it to my latest book.
    According to my philosophical research, you may even nor realize how close you are here to the universal truth about every human being.
    Our lives were planned, they are not random. We are where exactly we should be.

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