How Starbucks and Other Coffee Shops May Benefit You

Starbucks Benefit

Starbucks for me has always been an amazing place of excitement. The atmosphere always felt just right for not only the high school and college crowd, but also young adults, and even people of business. I love walking to Starbucks or even Coffee Bean on any given day with a friend or two just so we can enjoy a quick ice cold Frappuccino. Then we’d excitedly sit down on the not too flashy black chairs and just converse on any topic. It was the simple things.

There’s something about the aura that makes you want to open up more. Not to mention the fact that there’s a sort of pop culture image of the intellectual or soulful tortured artist that ties in with the coffee shop scene. This image makes you feel like you are indeed an intellectual, taking part in an ancient tradition that may lead back to the great philosophers of Greece themselves.

When some people think of Starbucks, some terms may pop into their head. Maybe one person may shout out “overpriced”, the moment the coffee behemoth is mentioned. A more snobby critique would be “hipster”, and maybe put more kindly “lame”. It has an interestingly negative reputation, as all companies seem to once they dominate a certain market (think Walmart vs. small, local businesses).

Quite honestly though, the whole coffee shop scene that have swept across the states in recent years opens up a lot of amazing opportunities, for example:


Other than the obvious promise of free wi-fi and in most places, no coercion to buying a drink to stay, it can be used as a place to meet new people. In an open environment like Starbucks, you almost feel like you’re part of the same group; no one will scoff at the guy striking up conversation.

I’m not saying you’re going to form entire social circles that roam local Starbucks looking to expand their territorial gangs, but don’t be afraid to mingle with both males and females who enjoy frequenting the same locations as you.

Encourages productivity

In my case, I joke with my friends that I use Starbucks to appear as the soulful, tortured writer who is just trying to make his name in the world.  Absurd imagery or not, I can’t lie and say that I don’t feel strangely empowered when I have my laptop out at Starbucks, typing furiously to produce a new article, while simultaneously gulping down my Grande Green Tea Frappuccino with a water cup on the side. The environmental change of just not working from the usual places lends you the encouragement to churn out material.

Makes you feel more open with friends

My favorite side effect of the coffee shop experience has to be the bond between friends that it seems to strengthen. One of my now closest buddies, my mentor, admittedly wasn’t too buddy-buddy with me until a little over a year ago. Sure, we had the same mutual friends, played the same sports, shared some common interests, but it really wasn’t until one day we spontaneously decided on heading to Starbucks to do homework that we clicked.

We didn’t plan on talking about philosophy, business, women, etc. After all, none of these subjects were ever touched upon until we set foot into our first Starbucks meet-up. But man, once we sat down, we knew we were on to a new ritual that demanded to be respected at least weekly. Without this ritual, we’d go insane.

If you haven’t given the coffee shop experiment a chance, be confident that you can do it solo or with friends. It’s going to be very different if you choose one or the other but both are equally enjoyable. Put on your creative caps and slurp down a Frappuccino, making sure to bring your laptop charger because trust me, there is just something about actually sitting down to enjoy the setting that just feels right. Share in the comments your thoughts on the whole coffee scene or even give us an idea of where you work. Don’t forget to subscribe for new article alerts at the very top!

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Vincent Nguyen is the author of Self Stairway and founder of Growth Ninja, a digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook Ads. Voted "Most Guapo" five years in a row (lost during 6th year to a hand model.)

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15 responses to How Starbucks and Other Coffee Shops May Benefit You

  1. I find that I do my best creative work and work in general at Starbucks. I can’t explain it. I also get a variety of comments and critiques about my reasons for using it as a hangout circle. Thanks for this blog about how you use the space. By the way, you usually make great comments on the Marc and Angel site.

    • Yeah, Starbucks really does something to you with its environment. It isn’t the caffeine either! What sort of critiques do people give you, Sara? I have a few friends also who smirk when I mention Starbucks but they just don’t understand its power. That’s one of the things I dislike about moving to Arizona. No one appreciates the atmosphere of coffee shops. Actually, that and the fact that there’s no Coffee Bean near my house either.

      You’re welcome, Sara. I am glad you enjoyed it. I try my best to leave comments that are meaningful and I try to let people know when their articles resonate with me. Have a great day!

      • I get comments about many of the same things you mentioned in your blog which is another reason why I liked your musings here. And you are right, it isn’t the caffeine. Yesterday I finished something I was working on and my drink of choice was an iced-tea lemonade. Thanks!

  2. Hey Vincent – I hear ya! The ‘creating around coffee’ experience is like no other! Although Starbucks isn’t my choice, I love taking my laptop into a brasserie and switching off from everything, whilst still being surrounded by people and noise.

    A friend of mine works from home and she says going to a coffee place to work is her way of connecting with people and not feeling alone.

    You have to find the right place for you though. I recently discovered my ‘starbucks’ – a really hip little place in Paris that makes me feel like I’m at home.

    – Razwana

    • I didn’t want to be biased and just say Starbucks so I included “Other Coffee Shops,” in the title. 🙂

      Just the other day, I was at home and had tons of things I needed to at least start on. I sat around and kept going to different places around the house to work. It worked just as well as you can imagine.

      Then I decided to go to the usual Starbucks and the moment I sat down I just went right at it. It was a VERY productive workday and it’s amazing.

      Glad you have your own special place, Razwana. 🙂

  3. I just got into Starbucks myself and I noticed the same kind of lame music in the background as always.for me it’s kind of a love hate relationship maybe I’m just spoiled, but the environment just seemed very contrived. Although I love the idea of being able to hang out At any coffee shop. honestly I’m not sure why I’m writing this. I should shut up and just enjoy my coffee thanks everyone. Jerry Pollard

  4. Awesome post Vincent.
    My reasoning is that since I’m not a big coffee drinker (I get awful caffeine crashes and jitters like you wouldn’t believe), I don’t need to spend time on coffee shops. Turns out, I was missing a lot creativity-wise. I’ve recently taken a different perspective on coffee shops and try to visit them more often if not for the coffee, then the tea and cake. More importanty, the ambience seems to shift my mind from slump mode to creative mode.

    • I’ve started ordering food from coffee shops instead of drinks because I realized never drank even 1/3 of the drinks I ordered. With food at least I’m filling my stomach and actually putting a dent into what I bought. 🙂

  5. I’m in Toastmasters and planning on doing a speech about the value of socialization, especially in fast food places or coffee shops. My title is, “More Than a Cuppa” because you do get all that your post and the comments say. We all know that when someone says, “Let’s get some coffee,” it means more than just getting a cup of coffee. We all have some sort of coffee making device at home, yet going out for coffee is so much more than the cuppa. And fast food places are another great gathering place, especially for seniors, that is affordable and offers that place to socialize. But, I seem to be stuck to actually get STARTED to write down my speech; your post made me think I can get over this writer’s block by stepping into my local, funky coffee shop. THANKS 🙂

  6. This is a great topic. I’ve recently started going to my local costa which is a ten minute drive away from me. My mother said why can’t you just make a coffee at home, i said its the atmosphere of the place. I still am yet to take my laptop there and see whether its more productive working with it at home and good for your social and psychological wellbeing or in my local Costa. Nice topic look forward to more posts on the benefits

  7. I like how you said that cafes can be used as meeting places by people because of the fact that there no coercion to buy a drink or hang around. There are a few friends of mine who live a little far away but who want to meet up every couple of weeks in order to catch up. Going to a cafe would be a great place to meet because of the social atmosphere and because it would be a good midpoint for all of us.

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