How to Stop Worrying About Everything, "Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength."

If you’re the type to constantly worry over everything (in or out of your control,) you’re in luck. I share my mantra that brings me back to the present and guidelines on what situations you should acknowledge to remove your focus from.

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Hitting Rock Bottom

Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we get better. This is the story of how a person lost his friends, hit the bottom, and began to build himself back up. An inspirational story that proves anyone can improve themselves. Sometimes we just need the right push.

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Wondering What If

Do you ever have regrets? How often do you wish you did something but failed to take action? I’m sure afterwards you got stuck fantasizing about the possibilities of what could have happened if you took action. I know the feeling, which is why I wrote this to make sure you never get stuck wondering “what if?” again.

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The Myth of Successyphus

Discussion article asking the readers to share with the rest of the community what they think the biggest success myths are. For example, “college is the only path to success,” one of the biggest myths commonly accepted as fact.

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How to be confident

Do you believe that confidence is something you’re either born with or without? Are you still unconvinced that you too can master the art of confidence? Read my transformation from awkward, shy geek to confident and secure leader and my practical step-to-step guide on how to develop self-confidence.

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How to cheer yourself up

A less conventional method of feeling better about yourself. One that is less than “normal” but nonetheless will work for you.

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Wasting your life

How do you know if you’re wasting your life? Many of us don’t realize that our life is going to waste and it takes new perspectives to realize we’re wasting our full potential. This is the new perspective to kick you into high gear.

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How to Live Dangerously

This article was written by Dan Erickson. Please comment at the end of this article to let him know your thoughts!

When I was younger I did crazy stuff. I drove too fast. I partied too much. I hitch-hiked around the Northwest and rode with strangers. You might think I was living dangerously, but nope. I was being stupid.

I didn’t learn how to live dangerously until a few years ago. It took me more than 20 years to learn what living dangerously really means.

Back when I lived the stupid life, I worried about what others thought about me. I worried about my image. I had to have the right clothes, drive the right car, (when I had one), and I had to use the right words.

I was being too careful. I cared too much about my own reputation among the cool crowd. Now I couldn’t care less. Although I’m done with the stupid stuff, I’m living more dangerously than ever and loving it.

Living dangerously has set me free from the expectations of others.

It’s great and you can learn to live dangerously too. Here’s how:

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Achieving success and money
There is a lot of nonsense thrown around when it comes to achieving success. It’s very difficult to distinguish from what’s true or false, especially if it’s something we’re raised from childhood to believe.

You really have to begin to question the validity of these claims. If you find yourself repeating a “fact” and you have no answer when asked why that is, you need to re-evaluate your views. You will also find that you make a lot of enemies if you open your mouth to speak about the issues, but hey, that just comes with the expanded knowledge.

First, let’s define success because obviously it is different for everyone. Although this isn’t my personal definition of success – mine being about passion – many dictionaries cite success as “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.”

Many people do think of success as being about money and status, so I will address success as if that was the only definition, for the sake of this article.

Here are 6 outrageous lies you probably have been raised to believe about success (money, honor, etc.)

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Lonely or Insecure? How to Feel Better About Yourself
Have you ever had a day where you just felt absolutely miserable, alone, and insecure? Of course you have. If you said “No,” you’re a dirty liar. I’m on to you.

Everyone has these days and often times, it leads to us feeling insecure about ourselves. Then we feel like there’s no one around who cares.

These negative thoughts just keep adding up more and more. Crap, now it’s like a beehive in your head and it’s only getting worse.

I used to be terribly insecure and certain days were worse than others. Hell, I still am. But who cares? I don’t let my insecurity control my actions for more than a split second.

I still remember one day during a party in my friend’s backyard, we were talking about teeth for some reason. Maybe one of us just got braces for the first time. Who knows?

Then I had made a comment about how I needed braces too. Naturally, my friend asked me to show my teeth and I wouldn’t show them.

“Oooh… Insecure!” he said.

That made me feel terrible because I realized he was right. I was insecure and when I was reminded of these feelings, it would drag me down for the rest of the day.

Well, not anymore. The good news is that I will now share my pick-me-up tricks with you, oh lucky reader. All with an easy payment of $29.95!

Actually, I like you so much I’ll give them to you all for free! Here are my secrets on how to feel better about yourself.

Warning: This isn’t the usual cliché list you find on most other sites. No “put on a fake smile until you feel better!” preaches.

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