What Topics Would You Like to See?


What Topics Would You Like to See?

After nearly two years of running this site, I realized I’ve never opened the floor to article suggestions via an entire post.

I’ve had private conversations that birthed new material but it’s about time I ask more publicly.

I know it’d be easier for you if I gave a hint of what I’m looking for, but honestly, this website has few rules and lacks strict guidelines.

The overall topic is self-improvement. But what does that even mean?

One of my first articles was a satirical piece on college education.

Some recurring themes have been on self-motivation and confidence. I’ve also covered life lessons learned during traveling but it’s been half a year since I did another.

I guess if I had to come up with at least one rule it would be this:

The topics have to offer value to the reader.

Now you can define the above rule anyway you’d like. Some of my articles—like this one—don’t have an explicit call to action and can be argued that it provides absolutely 0% value to the reader (and it was a bit braggy on my end!)

There are some topics, like the above, that I’d like to write about but I often end up tossing them in the bin because there’s no real value add for readers. Every now and then I’ll break that rule, but articles generally shouldn’t be so personal that no one can relate.

Okay, I’m probably just making it more complicated than it should be, so I’ll just leave it to you.

What topics have you always wanted to see covered?

Last week, someone suggested I write an article on the dangers of being addicted to your job to the extent that you no longer connect with friends and family. Love that topic because that’s something I can actually relate to myself (I get into workaholic states quite often.) And you bet there are tons of people who would find value in that.

Another commenter mentioned that the tagline for Self Stairway should be “How to grow up”. Absolutely LOVE that perspective as I don’t think we’re ever done growing up, regardless of age. Maybe that’ll give you some ideas.

I’m all ears.

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Vincent Nguyen is the author of Self Stairway and founder of Growth Ninja, a digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook Ads. Voted "Most Guapo" five years in a row (lost during 6th year to a hand model.)

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35 responses to What Topics Would You Like to See?

  1. Happy New Year! I see you were thinking about new year’s resolutions, me too. I appreciate the thoughts about “too busy.” I’ve also thought about people who say “I can’t afford that” when I know they have enough money to fund a revolution. It’s all about how we choose to allocate our resources whether it’s time or money. And New Year’s is a great time to reflect on that and make resolutions which help us focus. And suggestions for new topics? Change is good but so is acceptance and compassion. That’s what I suggest for a topic.

  2. How to be a critical thinker. That’s a topic I’d like to suggest. By the way, love reading your posts. Keep going at it, Vincent.

  3. What being unique means or how to be unique:)

  4. I love the topic of “The Dangers of Being Addicted to Your Job” and “How To Grow Up”! The Job I was addicted to let me go years ago n I’ve been trying to grow up, it’s had it’s ups and downs. I don’t have enough time or room to tell you my story so, in short, I would luck to see a topic about how to handle being “Down and Out”.

    If you have questions feel free to contact me via email so I can give you more insight on why it’s important. Otherwise, good luck. Your articles are insightful and inspirational. Thank you

    • David, would you be comfortable sharing your insights in the comment section? I’d love to chat privately, but I can’t help but think someone out there will get value from you sharing your stories here where they can join in.

      If you’d prefer to keep it between us, feel free to shoot me an email: vincentnguyen[at]selfstairway[dot]com

  5. I’m always intrigued by how to balance being content with being ambitious. I’d love to hear your take vincent.

    • Ooooh, that’s a good one! Being complacent has been something I’ve spent the last few months struggling with. Only recently have I kicked myself out of it and re-ignited the fire. Definitely coming out with this one soon.

  6. How to recognise what Value you offer to other people. I am starting a blog and I can talk a lot about myself, but in this post as you point out its about value.
    How can you structure your writing and pinpoint the value?

    I’m blogging for myself (I need some focus and a place for expression) but I realise the importance of giving something and not just blowing off steam!

    • Start with yourself first. What do you want to write about? What have you learned through those experiences that have shaped you to who you are today? Those are the most fun to write on.

      Chances are, there’s someone out there who’s struggling with the same issues you’ve overcome. Taking them through the steps and your thought process adds value.

      It’s when you write about things that are strictly personal that no one can relate where it becomes valueless for the reader (outside of entertainment.)

      Call to actions can be both explicit or implicit.

  7. I’ve been thinking a lot about age and what we learn in each half decade of our lives. For you, what were the main lessons you learned between 1-5 (if you remember), 6-10, 11-15, and 16 till now?

    I’ve been interested in seeing what older folks have to say about their decades of life too. This might not be exactly the right question for you, but perhaps it’ll spring some ideas.

    • Not sure if I can cover years 1-16 because a lot of what occupies my head space these days have been from what happened years 17-20. Love the concept though and this does give me ideas for several topics. 🙂

  8. “How to grow up WELL” would be my version of the other reader’s “how to grow up.” I’ve noticed that my family have NOT grown up well. Few of us have considered that each one of us is aging every day, at different rates and with different problems along the way. I am finally accepting the fact that my parents are at the “flattening out” part of the downward turn of the bell curve of life. I am sad for them, because they must feel this, without really accepting it: I think it’s why many older folks are crabby. There’s not much you can do about it, and you can’t fool the entire rest of the world into believing you are NOT aging.
    I am also a little sad and apprehensive for myself: I’m looking at the downward turn now, myself. I am trying to focus on my parents, while I have them. I’d like to “unburden” them as much as I can, without taking any dignity from them.
    I hope I am able to teach my son to do the same for me at some point. I’d be grateful to collect any wisdom on the subject.

    • Growing up well is what we all hope to achieve. A big part of that is accepting that age is a number that increases regardless of what we do. Doing what makes you and the people around you happy today should be priority #1.

  9. Vincent!!!

    I would like to see articles on anything you want to write about this year (don’t pigeon hole yourself with terms like “value” to the readers — the readers are going to take out of your article what they put into life.

    Something about nutrition. Something about macro economics. And Something about Love.

  10. Someone just privately emailed me and suggested I write about self-sabotage and holding yourself back. Had several conversations today that made me realize I might be doing that today! Definitely going to write about this topic soon. 🙂

    Thanks, Alex!

  11. You probably have already covered this but what are you’re plans for this year? 2015 and beyond 🙂

  12. I am glad to be part of your platform. Nice topic all the way.

    I will love to see a write-up on self-betrayal! Many of us betray ourselves without knowing.
    some even do so with their full knowledge. I believe you can do justice to this. Thanks.

  13. Thanks for this opportunity….

    1. Betrayal means to deliver into the hands of the enemy by treachery. Treachery means the act of violating the confidence of another.

    Lack of confidence in ourselves is self-betrayal. Anytime you refused to take giant steps towards success, you are delivering yourself into the hand of defeat; betraying yourself into the hands of the enemy called failure.

    Failing to plan and set goals for one’s self is self-betrayal. Failure to discover your true self is self-betrayal, it limits your capacity to perform; subjecting you to an ordinary life.

    Failure to act on a set goal mean delivering yourself into the hands of failure – that’s self-betrayal.

    Let me just break it down this way:

    1. Lack of faith in yourself 2. Failure to take action steps towards success 3. Low self-esteem 4. Refusal to learn and do new things 5. Refusal to link up with masterminds or like minds 6. Being comfortable in your comfort zone, etc are examples of self-betrayal.

    In fact, dishonesty is a harm done to one’s self. it destroys your reputation. It could shatter your future. Talk of lack of integrity and the likes of it. These are all examples of self-betrayal.

    Whatever you do unto others, you do unto yourself. If it bad, you just betrayed yourself without knowing.

    I got to stop here. Thanks!

  14. Hey, Vincent! Thanks for this opportunity to share our thoughts! I’ve always most appreciated your articles on confidence and gratitude…I think the two kind of mingle together in a way. Looking forward to seeing what the new year will have for you!

    • It’s been a while since I wrote about the former but you’re right, they often do go together.

      This new year is going to be amazing and there will definitely be waves. 🙂

  15. Are the great things in life accidental or planned?
    Like what you have to do or do what you like?

    These are just some things I’ve been thinking a lot. Would love to hear your take.

    • I think those two tie in together pretty well. Recently took off on something that may or may not plan out. Wondering if now is the perfect time to write about it as I’m in the thick of it.

  16. Please write about the moments that fill you with absolute joy such that your eyes begin watering.

    • I can think of one specific moment right now.

      We were mere minutes away from the clock hitting midnight, thrusting us into 2014. It suddenly hit me that 2013 was as close to a perfect year as I could remember for the entirety of my life (only overshadowed by the awesomeness of 2014 itself.)

      Things had been going so well. There I was, celebrating the advent of a new year in a different country, 15 hours ahead of back home. I had just started my dream job two months prior.

      We were surrounded by thousands of people blowing “torotots,” breaking a world record for the most number of people blowing party horns.

      And when 2014 finally hit, my body shivered as goosebumps began to cover my body.

      “If 2013 was this good… 2014 is going to be AMAZING,” I thought.

      I was right.

  17. well I for one would definitely like to read an article about how to develop backbone and stand up for yourself..how to be more assertive and let everyone know of your presence..another article would be how to chase away our inner fears about world,society that are holding us back

  18. Hey Vincent,

    I have been thinking of this for a long time. You have a great platform here to help people realize that they can improve their lives by making small changes in their outlook and attitude. And your articles have been all positive and good (I don’t know how you come up with so many topics… I am impressed).

    There are 3 concepts that I use and that might help others.

    1: The power of a genuine compliment. Look for the good in other people and be ready to compliment them for something that really impresses you. It works if it is sincere and appropriate (see my first paragraph above).

    2. Focus on small positive things in your daily life. We all have several neat things that happen to us each day. It might seem to be a small thing, like stopping your car to watch a line of baby Gammy Quail walk across the road behind their mother… or having someone give you a hug at the bicycle club meeting. Make it a point each day… at the end of the day, to write down at least 5 neat things that happen to you.

    3. Be specifically thankful for something each day. Years ago I spent 2 weeks as a boy scout leader at summer camp. We had showers, but the water was cold. The first thing I did when I got back home was to take a hot shower. I was almost screaming my thanks (to God? to the Universe?) for having hot water. And then, each day for the last 27 years I am verbally thankful when I get in the hot shower each morning. Being thankful for stuff that I normally took for granted helps us appreciate an entire day of good events.

    You may have covered some of these concepts in earlier articles. Or perhaps these are concepts that “everybody knows.” But in my case, I remember specific ally when I began doing each of the above.

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